How the SMARTdoc interface helps you to protect your data (GDPR)

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At SMARTdoc we always take 3 important aspects into consideration when thinking about the design of our user interface.

How can we save time for both the users and the company, how to limit the risk and to protect information and how can we do this as comfortable as possible for any user within the entire department or organization.

That’s why SMARTdoc allows “one touch archiving” with our SMARTdoc Office Connector. From within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint every user can archive the document they are working on with just one click.

Same thing form within Microsoft Outlook, where a user can choose to archive one or multiple mails with just one touch. An extra feature here is that outgoing mails can be send and archived at the same time with just a single click.

With these easy archive functionalities SMARTdoc makes sure that all information coming in or going out can be easily stored in the central SMARTdoc archive. A central repository which allows to secure and control the information important to you and your companies connections.

Learn more about SMARTdoc and Data Protection. Don’t forget to download our GDPR White Paper.

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