Document Management for Real Estate

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With over a 100 customers within construction & city development companies, SMARTdoc has become the leading vendor in Document Management for Real Estate. More and more organizations are abandoning the time consuming folder structures and are craving for an archiving solution offering much more than just storage. With easy to configure templates to recognize scanned and digital documents, SMARTdoc offers a better control over the company information. For SMARTdoc Real Estate customers the advantages of a Document Management solutions are real: a faster way to archive and retrieve correspondence, contracts, photo material, mails. But also a wao keep information safe and secure. The time, paper, material… saved is another moneysaving advantage.

DFZ: “SMARTdoc makes our work easier and more enjoyable”

DFZ, a real estate agency in Ghent was one of the first SMARTdoc customers to figure as a reference case. The owners Pierre Defooz and Derk Dobbelaere were eager to start and have more control over their information. All documentation around leases, deeds, plans, invoices, energy performance certificates, photos of buildings, correspondence with owners and government officials, etc is now archived in their Document Management solution. The implementation turned out to be a real time saver and the total cost turned out to be “supprisingly affordabe”.

Eiffage Vuylsteke: “Cost saving effects”

In the construction industry, sometimes there seems to be as much paperwork as concrete and steel. Every construction site generates masses of documents: reports, pictures, e-mails, invoices, calculations, etc. Managing all these documents is very complex and time-consuming. Together with SMARTdoc, Vuylsteke automated processes, resulting in more disciplined processes and easier workflows. The fact that projects were documented centrally led to a better project handling and effected the cost of project management in a very positive way.

“supprisingly affordabe”

Resiterra: “Impressed by the SMARTdoc team”

document management for real estateThe integration at Resiterra combines physical and electronic invoices and sends these through an approval flow. Invoices from the main suppliers are recognized by SMARTdoc and the most important metadata are fetched automatically, resulting in automated bookings which makes the project flows faster and easier.

Replacing the paper flows with electronic flows results in much faster validation and approval flows. Typical for construction companies is that the main responsible people are often on the road. By creating digital workflows, the approval process happens much quicker. On top of that SMARTdoc creates a track & trace of all flows and the status of any document.

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