SMARTdoc 2018: Winter – Free Functionalities for all users. Coming soon to your screen.

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With every new release, SMARTdoc has been upgrading the functionalities, user interface and possibilities of your refreshing document management solution. And now we are happy to announce “SMARTdoc 2018: Winter”.

In the past years we’ve added functionalities such as Lifecycle Management and Tracking (to be able to comply with GDPR standards); SMARTdoc Layer (to write and make annotations on documents) and Connect (to create easy connectivity with any other application).

With “SMARTdoc 2018: Winter” we will be launching a major upgrade to the SMARTdoc Extended View, and the best part: it’s a free upgrade for all SMARTdoc users.

For all SMARTdoc users, a spectacular improvement to the Extended View.

  1. A real preview. The new SMARTdoc extended view will give you a better and improved preview of the documents in the search list. Scroll through your documents and a preview pop up will pop up immediately.
  2. Faster. Thanks to the new paging tool, documents will load faster and the results will be presented within different pages.
  3. Saved Searches: Now you can save any search or structured view for future reference. Lists of documents that are often needed can be shared with colleagues by making them public.
  4. An interface makeover: a smarter design, intuïtive for all users.
  5. And we’ve improved the timeline searching! Search on any period, but also on the last week, or month.

“SMARTdoc 2018: Winter” will be launched in january. Stay informed and subscribe to our newsletter on our contact page.

A teaser for the new interface. An efficiency boost for your SMARTdoc.

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