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Awingu and SMARTdoc have decided to setup a technology and commercial partnership. Through their partnership, SMARTdoc’s document management platform can now be accessed via the browser of any device, while being integrated in the unified and online workspace of Awingu.

At the dawn of the Global Data Protection Regulation (or just GDPR), it’s key for businesses to centralize information, leaving no local data trailing around. With the combination of SMARTdoc and Awingu, businesses will get exactly this and more: Usage is fully audited, all data traffic is encrypted, login is secured with ‘multi-factor authentication’, and more.

“We are excited to partner with SMARTdoc. Both solutions are very complimentary. Through this combination, businesses will be able to get secure access to applications as well as advanced document management tools” says Walter Van Uytven, CEO Awingu.

Awingu is a leading ‘Unified Workspace’ solution, nominated ‘Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces’ by Gartner in 2017. Awingu makes legacy software, SaaS and files securely available in the browser of any device.

Already today, Awingu and SMARTdoc share channel partners such as ConXion and Nextel. Through the partnership, both companies will further create a pollination in their go-to-market. It will increase the coverage of channel partners and end-customers.

Pricing, purchasing and support of both solutions will remain independent to each company at this point in time.

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