SAGE & SMARTdoc, a winning combination by ERP integrator EVATO

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Evato is a young and ambitious IT company and the leading integrator for SAGE solutions in Belgium. Founders Tom Merckx and Gianni Riemslagh started with a clear vision to create an “all in offering” which can help organisations to grow. In the past years Evato became the trusted advisor for ERP implementations, productivity tools and web & mobility all over Belgium for hundreds of small & medium sized businesses.

One of the Productivity tools promoted by Evato is the SMARTdoc documanagement application. Tom Merckx: “In our search for a qualitative document management solution to add to our offering, SMARTdoc immediately caught our attention. The SMARTdoc solution is much larger than just a solution for incoming invoices. Our customers implement SMARTdoc in their HR department, they use it to document projects, to archive transport information or delivery notes. SMARTdoc offers an easy to use interface which makes it easy to archive photo’s, scans, office documents… It really is an affordable solution for SMB companies.”

“We practice what we preach. The SMARTdoc solution makes us save hours a day. Every day.’ Gianni Riemslagh, Owner EVATO

In order to “practice what they preach” Evato also implemented SMARTdoc themselves in combination with their SAGE installation. Gianni Riemslagh: “By using SMARTdoc on a daily basis, we really see the value a document management solution can bring to a company. The SMARTdoc claim that every user saves an hour a day is something we experience ourselves.”.

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