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Document Automation is the New Document Management

Do you want to know how Document Automation can make your business more efficient?
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Save time, space and money
from Day 1

Give your people the right tools for storing and retrieving documents. No more hassle with manual work and less paper to keep. Smartdoc automates all repetitive but vital tasks.

One central repository for Everything. Period.

Go way beyond your ERP’s capabilities for document handling. We promise you one central archive for ALL business-critical documents (including email, contracts, collateral…). Fully legally and GDPR-compliant.

Super easy set-up:
no training required!

90% of our customers implement our platform themselves. Everyone intuitively knows how to use it. And the best thing? You can keep your existing processes. No change management required!

Enter the Zen Zone…

Free your employees from the repetitive and tedious tasks that come with document management. Make the shift to document automation.

Smartdoc automates your document workflow. All tasks related to the reception, management, accountancy or archiving of business-critical documents is handled by our virtual office manager. Your workforce will love it: they win more time to spend with your customers.


Our core features

Powerful Search

Search through any document. Find anything you ever archived. Don’t waste time looking for documents you cannot find thanks to our Full text search with Cloud OCR service.

Core features include:
Full-text Search | Simple & Extended Search | Recognition Templates

Astonishing Automation

Archiving procedures and workflows with minimal human intervention. It is possible: Smartdoc’s intelligent algorithm takes it from you.

Core features include:
Drag & Drop Archiving | Watchfolders | Scanfolders | Workflow templates

Restful Risk Reduction

Get total control over your business critical documents. Find them through your personal dashboard and manage their lifecycle and security. Auditing has never been that easy!

Core features include:
Document Protection | Document Track & Trace | Security Templates

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