Datanews: “100.000 GDPR complaints in 8 months.”

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European citizens are becoming more aware of their privacy rights. The immediate result is a spectacular increase in complaints about privacy issues.

The number was communicated by the European Commission end of january and the Belgian IT weekly Datanews wrote an article on the news.

Not every complaint ands up with an enormous fine or an investigation, but the numbers clearly indicate that the privacy of European citizens is to be taken more seriously.

This is how Smartdoc can help you to become GDPR compliant.

Document Management and GDPR: 5 benefits.

1. Ultimate searchability.

And maybe the most astonishing feature, Smartdoc makes the entire database searchable. Our OCR service makes sure that any document gets analysed on context and full text. An OCR cloud service gets the remaing data out of any forgotten file, attachment to a long forgotten mail or smartphone photo of an old contract.  This way, creating a list (right to be forgotten!) of all documents you store of a customer or an ex employee becomes a 2-fingers-in-the-nose task.

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2. Create Document Life Cycles.

Most documents we do not want to keep eternally, and we know it. Nevertheless we seem to store information for ever and longer. When we document the processes in Smartdoc we combine the documents to a document life cycle with a start and end date and a preservation period. This methodology allows organizations to create lists of obsolete information and allows documents to be easily removed from the archive.

3. Give documents an archive destination and a privacy level.

In the same way any document or document type gets a archive destination and a privacy level. Some information has a limited preservation time only and can be deleted. Other documents need to get a life or get a new workflow attached to it. All these settings and features are configured in the “Document Protection” templates.

4. Who did what.

documentbeheer en gdpr

An exhaustive logbook in the Smartdoc database keeps track of anyone that accessed, changed, mailed… a document. From the day the document is archived any action on any file gets documented. The logbook is of course only accessible to mandated users.


5. Secure your documents.

In a typical fileshare or treestructure the possibility to secure information is very limited. One can restrict access rights to folders or documents, but they are still visible within the sructure.  Securing information in Smartdoct takes this to another level. It’s even possible to make sure that certain documents are no longer visible in the search results.  Security settings can be easily configured. A whole list of security features is available; who can print or change a document, which user is allowed to change a security setting or look into the logbook.

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