February 2009 Tom & Koen met at Fujitsu EMEA customer conference in Marrakesh – Morocco. A conference on all topics concerning imaging documents, storing them, managing them in paperless offices.

After three days of studying specs and features of scanners, comparing document management systems with scrolling command lists, flying drop-down menus and more click-buttons than Microsoft ever stuffed in Excel, time had come for the closing diner. Tom and myself were honoured to join the table with a Swiss professor specialized in automation of business processes. When we all rounded up what we learned and saw at the conference and during the breaks at the sponsors-exhibition, we agreed that the document world had become far too complex for normal people like us. All the systems we had seen were actually dragons with innumerable heads, tales, functions, menus and buttons. At a certain point the professor stated that a user just wants three things:

  • he wants to store a document without any hassle
  • he wants to find it back, when he needs it
  • he wants to do with the document what he has to do

So, according to his needs a user should only have those three options in a document management system: Add a document, find a document and an action-option.

The user interface of Smartdoc was born: we decided to build a full featured documanagement system as an app, with only two icons, which confronts the user with other possibilities, only when meaningful.


Smartdoc is more than just a job for us. We really enjoy what we do and truly believe that what we do can really make a difference. If you think we could help your company and like what we have to offer, get in touch with our sales department.

Why do you need documanagement?

Companies get a lot of documents, images and other information. Did you know that many companies do a better job managing their office supplies than they do their business documents? It’s true. Very few businesses take the time to consider the expenses that they incur on a daily basis.

  • Time is wasted on searching documents. Almost 10% of an average office employee’s day is spent trying to locate the correct information and documents.
  • Time is spent on recreating documents, because it’s easier than trying to find them.
  • Documents are everywhere across the company, rather than centralized.
  • Some documents are stored locally that could be lost or damaged at any time.

Work smarter, not harder

Search and find documents instantly using Smartdoc. Full-text document searches on content or any selection of keywords gives you immediate search results. Search criteria can include everything from file properties to archive date. Add extra information through indexes and predefined templates.

We reduced time spent on searching documents and improved our productivity.

Use workflows to inform people. Communication amongst colleagues and clients is an essential part of the productivity process. Notifications and approval features in Smartdoc keeps people informed about document changes. Document approval workflows automatically route documents to one or more users for review and sign-off. As files are electronically routed, approvals are recorded. Actions can be configured to automate tasks based on approval status.

Enrich your documents with Smartdoc. Customize documents with extra indexes and templates. Templates are fully configurable and let you add descriptive information to files, making them easier to categorize, archive, search and find. Everyone can start adding documents without extra training. Adding documents is as easy as drag-and-drop. Files can be add one at a time, or in bulk by folder. There’s no limit.

We reduced our workload and improved our customer service.

Workflows automate processes, improving efficiency. Smartdoc lets you easily configure routing and management options to meet the needs of specific business processes.

Use watchfolders and let Smartdoc monitor a folder that receives scanned files or documents processed by other applications. Many business processes and administrative tasks can be automated in this way.

Electronic document searching is a significant advantage in document management systems over shared-file servers, where information is hard to find, often duplicated, and easily deleted or lost.

Check out our solutions and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Meet our Team

  • Tom Pintens
    Tom Pintens Managing Partner

    Driven by bold creative thinking, Tom is a Jack of all trades, moving from one project to the next passionately enjoying every individual aspect.

  • Koen Meganck
    Koen Meganck CEO & Founder

    With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Koen inspires and motivates us on a daily basis to help Smartdoc grow even further.

  • Jaak Neyns
    Jaak Neyns Fulfilment Manager

    When he is not practicing the art of Project Management, Jaak likes to do MORE project management.

  • Tom Van Gaever
    Tom Van Gaever Document Process Consultant

    Tom is responsible for existing customer relationships and new ones.  He guides companies & organizations in analyzing document needs and issues by helping them through the implementation process.

  • Steve Willockx
    Steve Willockx Marketing

    All Steve dreams about is getting more people on Smartdoc. He loves simple and effective design.

  • Ben Verschelden
    Ben Verschelden Senior Developer

    Ben gathered himself a track record of managing multiple challenges. He’s the inspirational and organisational architect of all future Smartdoc releases.

  • Glenn Volckaert
    Glenn Volckaert Senior Developer

    Glenn knows how to steer through heavy traffic. He always finds the fastest way to manoeuvre through bits & bytes. Glenn will guide you to the document you were looking for. From TomTom to our Tom & Tom, Glenn enlightens our vision on the Smartdoc roadmap.

  • Jonas Meganck
    Jonas Meganck Customer Care

    Jonas handles the Smartdoc installation so smoothly, that you are ready to start archiving faster than you can say Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! He also is our very own DPO who helps you with all your GDPR related questions.

  • Kathleen Mille
    Kathleen Mille Office Manager

    Trust Kathleen to handle all your queries and questions and find yourself in the hands of someone who cares about every single customer we have.