Store & Search. Find any Document. Whenever you want, wherever you are.

How to store & search documents. Smartdoc made it easier than ever to store documents. By dragging and dropping them on the two icon user interface. By using the Outlook or Office plugin. By automated delivery from ERP or other applications. And by an easy integration with any scanner or multifunctional equipment. Smartdoc takes this […]

Document Management and GDPR. 5 benefits for Smartdoc customers.

document management and gdpr

Document Management and GDPR go hand in hand. The vast majority of companies and organizations are still very document driven. Contracts, email, delivery notes, projectinformation, calculations, offers, invoices… We get flooded on a daily basis by incoming documents and send out at least the same amounts. Of course GDPR is not restricted to documents only. […]

Smartdoc as a document tracking system.

An archive can contain millions of documents, all text searchable. It can be tempting to search for past relatives, neighbours or just the leasing contract of your CEO’s brand new Porsche Taycan. Securing documents against unwanted eyes can be a task on its own, and creating a security level for every individual employee might not […]

Document management in your SME. A few basic principles

As a specialist in document management, we regularly receive questions about the storage or destruction of documents. How should I save an invoice in pdf, can I throw away my signed transmission notes, can I print invoices that I receive digitally and then scan them back? A laundry list of questions to which the legislator […]

Capture data out of any document type.

Data capturing is often focussed on invoices. But with Smartdoc you can capture data out of any document. Contracts, HR documents, emails… Data can be captured out of the full text of the document, but can also come from metadata sources, other database or applications or metadata fields. Captured data can be linked with and […]

Datanews: “100.000 GDPR complaints in 8 months.”

document management and gdpr

European citizens are becoming more aware of their privacy rights. The immediate result is a spectacular increase in complaints about privacy issues. The number was communicated by the European Commission end of january and the Belgian IT weekly Datanews wrote an article on the news. Not every complaint ands up with an enormous fine or […]

Microsoft ends the support for SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft ends the support for SQL Server 2008 R2 Source We would like to remind all our customers that Mainstream Support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 has ended a few years ago (July 8, 2014). Microsoft is ending support for these products as part of their Support Lifecycle policy, found in Also the […]

Smartdoc at “People’s Business 2019”. January 23 & 24, Rotterdam.

Trouvé, our partner for the Netherlands, and Smartdoc will welcome you on the annual “People’s Business 2019” Event in Rotterdam this january 23th & 24th. The event takes place in the city center in the “Postillion Convention Centre”. More info can be found on the event site. People’s Business 2019 Event Site If you want […]

Manage your emails with Smartdoc

Did you know more and more organisations manage their emails with Smartdoc? And they have multiple reasons to do so. First of all, a lot of mail received and sent by employees includes business information, legal obligations, commitments and so on. This means that the outlook boxes are a vital source of information for any […]