10 new #documanagement customers in 10 weeks time.

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Sometimes time flies like an arrow. But sometimes it’s also great to look over your shoulder and see what was accomplished.

That’s why we are excited to announce that our SMARTdoc team and solution convinces new customers day after day, week after week. Last 10 weeks, 10 new and important customers made the choice for SMARTdoc. Let’s list the top 5 reasons why these organizations made the choice for our complete and easy documanagement solution.

  • The team.

We believe in what we sell. Every SMARTdoc team member is dedicated to create happy and satisfied customers. Over the past 8 years we’ve accomplished a retention rate near to 99%. Our customers grow with us, and we grow with our customers. And if there is an issue, we apply our legendary “First Solve, then Discuss” policy, never leaving customers in the dark. Oh, and did we already tell you that we have an amazing “first response time”.

  • A real time saver.

SMARTdoc can take a lot of repetitive tasks away from the user. Archiving was never easier or faster than with SMARTdoc. And we can do this in any department. SMARTdoc is literally used in any department of a company: Human Resources, Finance, Projects, Marketing, Quality, Study Departments, Facility Management… The SMARTdoc solution is scalable from a 4 people department to hundreds of users on different locations.

  • Limits the risk.

Auditors, Insurance Companies, Payroll organisations… any department that needs to comply to GDPR or financial regulations can set up SMARTdoc to it’s own wishes. Limitless possibilities to secure information , create lifecycle management for documents… all features are easy to set up and use.

  • Just 2 icons.

Ninety percent of the time ninety percent of the users just need to quickly archive and find information. And that’s why they love our app like interface. Just two icons that do exactly that: Archive & Search! And users that need a more helicopter like overview can create their own saved searches in our Xview.

  • Upgrades & Updates.

With 4 major releases a year, all customers get extra features every 3 months. SMARTdoc evolves quikly and our customers love the extra possibilities they get. And most new functions we launch sarted as great suggestions from our customers.

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