Datanews: “70% of all companies react too slow on GDPR requests.”

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Only 35% of the surveyed companies reacted on a GDPR request.

The leading technology weekly “Datanews” published a survey of “Talend”, a big data specialist. Between June and September Talend organized a survey testing the responsiveness on GDPR requests in over 100 companies. Talend came to the conclusion that only 35% of the surveyed companies reacted on the request. The average reaction time was 21 days.

Tom Pintens – CEO SMARTdoc: “We are not surprised by these results. Most companies still store information in different locations. Information can be literally anywhere: filing cabinets, inboxes, fileshares, the local computers, online storage platforms… If data & documents are stored in so many places, it is close to impossible to answer such requests.”

Companies who were more likely to react were ICT companies and organisations active in digital services. More traditional industries such as retail were less likely to respond.

Ben Verschelden – SMARTdoc Product Owner: “Within the SMARTdoc application, we made it really easy to track and list all information someone keeps. Answering to GDPR requests and providing a list requires just a few mouseclicks. And on top of that we provide lifecycle management and an extensive logging for all documents.”

More information on GDPR & SMARTdoc.

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