Efficient digital workflows with Smartdoc and SAP Business One

Smartdoc automates the administration of your financial department With Smartone, Smartdoc provides a high-performance interface that allows SAP Business One users to effortlessly integrate and apply a document dashboard in their ERP environment. Fully customized The interface is fully custom configurable. This makes it quick and easy to determine which fields need to be checked/validated […]

Store & Search. Find any Document. Whenever you want, wherever you are.

How to store & search documents. Smartdoc made it easier than ever to store documents. By dragging and dropping them on the two icon user interface. By using the Outlook or Office plugin. By automated delivery from ERP or other applications. And by an easy integration with any scanner or multifunctional equipment. Smartdoc takes this […]

Document Management and GDPR. 5 benefits for Smartdoc customers.

document management and gdpr

Document Management and GDPR go hand in hand. The vast majority of companies and organizations are still very document driven. Contracts, email, delivery notes, projectinformation, calculations, offers, invoices… We get flooded on a daily basis by incoming documents and send out at least the same amounts. Of course GDPR is not restricted to documents only. […]

Document automation is the new document management

Smartbook over Documentautomatisering

A glance at the document management landscape reveals that many document management applications lag behind by continuing to classify documents using folders. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes apparent that the system in which information is indexed is structurally much more valuable. How is such a central repository set up and what is the […]

Smartdoc as a document tracking system.

An archive can contain millions of documents, all text searchable. It can be tempting to search for past relatives, neighbours or just the leasing contract of your CEO’s brand new Porsche Taycan. Securing documents against unwanted eyes can be a task on its own, and creating a security level for every individual employee might not […]

Managing documents is more than archiving

… archiving is more than storing You know them:  Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and many other applications that can store ‘megabytes’ of documents. The digital filing cabinet as it were. But storing documents is not the same as managing documents. It’s important to store them, but you also need to be able to manage […]

Document management in your SME. A few basic principles

As a specialist in document management, we regularly receive questions about the storage or destruction of documents. How should I save an invoice in pdf, can I throw away my signed transmission notes, can I print invoices that I receive digitally and then scan them back? A laundry list of questions to which the legislator […]

Generate a notification flow template in 7 steps

Now that we are all working from home, certain processes need to be adjusted or new workflows need to be created. For example, if you want to warn a colleague that a document has arrived, you can create a notification flow. That’s how you do it:   Choose the Workflow template in the template window […]

Corona lockdown

Smartdoc takes care of you During the current lockdown Smartdoc will remain 100% operational. All our employees can provide support, answers to your questions and implementations. Smartdoc works 100% digitized and can help all customers and prospects with all questions remotely. Presumably it may still take some time before the situation normalizes. Organisations that would […]

Organize digital workflows

Homeworking? Easily set up digital workflows and approvals In many organisations, document management and approval flows are independent of each other. Sometimes a workflow management system is used, but all too often invoices are moved from box to box for approval, or forwarded by mail. A system that involves many risks. Invoices expire, are forgotten […]