Release Smartdoc Spring 2020

It is our ambition to constantly take Smartdoc to the next level! On March 9th , we launched the Smartdoc Spring 2020 release. The updated Smartdoc version makes the document automation not only more stable, it also ensures that the platform performs at its best. The advanced extended view allows the user to sort and […]

Smartdoc, document management on any device, anywhere.

Breaking News: Smartdoc launches  document management for any device. Smartdoc, the leading document management application, launches a new multiplatform version of its widespread versatile archiving solution. Scalable from a single user to an interdepartmental environment, Smartdoc offers the flexibility to be the principal document solution in any organization. With this new break through release the […]

Smartdoc 2018: Winter – Free Functionalities for all users. Coming soon to your screen.

With every new release, Smartdoc has been upgrading the functionalities, user interface and possibilities of your refreshing document management solution. And now we are happy to announce “Smartdoc 2018: Winter”. In the past years we’ve added functionalities such as Lifecycle Management and Tracking (to be able to comply with GDPR standards); Smartdoc Layer (to write […]

Summer 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”false”] Smartdoc Summer is GDPR Ready! A GDPR update for all Smartdoc customers, and it’s free! It’s now a year before the GDPR becomes effective. And with Smartdoc Summer 2017 we want to make a clear statement towards the protection and tracing of your documents. We have upgraded the Security tab in Smartdoc and added […]

Spring 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”false”] An early Spring Dear Smartdoc customer, partner, user, Smartdoc has made it a tradition to offer regular updates and upgrades. With Smartdoc Spring 2017 we’ve created an even more robust and reliable document management solution which will fit all your needs. On the user side we’ve added a lot of new possibilities. Smartdoc […]

Winter 2016

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a healthy & exciting 2016 and to let you know what great features we have ready for you to start this new year. Enjoy them! Your Smartdoc Team We redesigned our interface. A New year, a new Smartdoc. The new Smartdoc interface gets the Windows 10 […]

Fall 2015

Finally here, the new Smartdoc Fall is ready! This time we’re again adding something completely new. Treeview is a new window that lets you visualize your documents in a new way. Together with some new features we added in the past months and improvements to the back-end to let Smartdoc run even more smoothly, we […]

Fall 2014

Summer lasted longer than we thought, but with a chilly November making its way, time is right to release Smartdoc Fall 2014. Performance Some of our customers go all the way with our refreshing documanagement solution. So we redesigned a lot of stuff, making Smartdoc better than ever. Faster searching & faster results, a performance […]

Spring 2014

New in Smartdoc Spring! Get more out of Smartdoc with a brand-new & updated Smartdoc User Guide. All new functionalities bundled in a handy and easy to use manual. The new user guide can be opened with the Smartdoc properties button in the windows task bar (right click). Other new features are: highlighting  your keyword searches in the new […]

Winter 2014

2013 was again an exciting year for Smartdoc. We established a year on year growth of 60%, engaged new people for the team and are now the fastest growing document management solution on the Belgian market. Without you this would not have been possible, so we would like to thank you for your loyalty and […]