Adirack, The Second Life of Storage Racks

Adirack has more than 25 years of experience in distributing, installing and maintaining second-hand warehouse materials.

ERP integration

As Adirack is an intensive user of the ERP software Sage DBFACT, the first step was to make sure the digital document flows were compatible with the ERP system. Once that was done, label printers were installed and every single document was digitized with professional document scanners. “This enabled us to automatically link the outgoing and incoming documents to the right transactions,” says Bob Segaert, who manages sales and marketing at Adirack. The company can now also automatically link documents such as e-mails and product brochures in Sage ERP to documents in SMARTdoc by a simple drag-and-drop action.

Saving time is the biggest benefit

Bob Segaert: “Before we used SMARTdoc, we always had to search for documents in our paper archive. Given that we make about 20 offers a day and that we often have to look up an offer we made four months ago, it goes without saying that this approach took us considerable time. Now we can simply find the information required by entering a search query in SMARTdoc. The time we save can be invested in better customer service.”

Secure archiving and streamlined processes

Adirack has benefited from more than just time savings. “It’s also much more comfortable to work with,” says Bob Segaert. “What’s more, compared to our former way of working with a paper archive, the risk of losing documents is now minimal. All the users follow the same standardized document management processes. If there is a problem, the people from SMARTdoc are always there to help us quickly. We don’t regret our decision to go digital – it has made our lives much easier.”

  • “Before we used SMARTdoc, we always had to search for documents in our paper archive. Now we can simply find the information entering a search query in SMARTdoc.“

    Bob Segaert Adirack
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