Alsan-Valcke,  Enjoy bathing, cooking and energy

Alsan Valcke stands for trust and professionalism. With a personal approach they guarantee you top brands, advise you to
work with the perfect craftsman or construction company, thereby providing superior placement and exclusive after-sales
service. Always according to the agreements made, with the right advice and unique experience.

As a wholesale distributor of bathroom, kitchen and heating supplies, Alsan-Valcke is inundated with orders, delivery notes, invoices and a pile of of other documents. Managing all this paperwork became tedious and time-consuming, so the company’s management turned to SMARTdoc for an alternative. Today, an automated document workflow is in place, seamlessly integrated into the company’s Sage DBFACT ERP software.

All the documents that Alsan-Valcke creates and receives are scanned immediately and quickly. “Every day, somewhere between 100 and 150 documents are processed in this way,” says Philip Valcke, the company’s COO. “We don’t have an intricate filing system with lots of different folders for different types of documents. Everything goes into one folder because SMARTdoc’s search function is so powerful that we can find any document in an instant. Thanks to the built-in OCR function, we can search for any word or number in the document. We only keep paper copies of purchase invoices.”

All safe

Some companies are still reluctant to switch to a digital archive. According to Valcke, there is no need to worry as long as you take some precautions: “We randomly open a few files from every batch of scanned documents to check that nothing has gone wrong. And obviously you need to make frequent backups of the file server on which your documents are kept. If you do that, you can rest assured that your archive is safe.”

  • “Our employees experience less stress when they need to find a document quickly to help a customer, because everything works so well and efficiently.“

    Philip Valcke
    Philip Valcke Alsan-Valcke

Positive Effects

The main advantage of this approach is that the employees in Alsan-Valcke’s back-office save a lot of time. But the investment in document management software is having other positive effects on the company’s business as well. “By cutting the time we spend on paperwork, we can provide our customers with a better service and monitor orders and projects more closely,” says Valcke. “Our employees no longer have to search through all those binders, which makes their work much more comfortable. They experience less stress when they need to find a document quickly to help a customer, because everything works so well and efficiently.”

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