BDM was looking for a solution for the digitization of its claim files and their constantly growing archive space to store them. Furthermore, it had to be an innovative solution which was simple and intuitive to use. After meeting SMARTdoc a choice was rapidly made.

As an insurer, it is important to keep all the documents properly and for a long time: damage notification/reporting, expert report, summons, decisions from the court/attorney, fees & charges, damage settlement, subrogation discharge, e-mail, fax … need to be quickly and easily available in a simple way for anyone involved in a claim.


Thanks to SMARTdoc this is all possible. By using the workflow and security capabilities provided in SMARTdoc files get handled by the right people and approved where necessary. All data is stored on the SMARTdoc server. The “old” archive space will still be used to keep the files that should remain on paper for legal reasons.

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