DFZ Estate Management


“Over 10 years ago we started to digitally archive our files ourselves, but after a while we hit a wall,” explains Derk Dobbelaere, joint Managing Director of DFZ Estate Management, a Ghent-based company offering private property management services. “It was obvious we couldn’t carry on working with Windows Explorer directories, but it wasn’t clear what the alternative was. A lot of big companies came to see us and offered us standard solutions at astronomical prices. When we came across Smartdoc quite by chance in 2012 and learned about the solution they offered, the way they worked and their competitive pricing, we quickly decided to go for it.”

  • "As a property management company, you have to keep a massive amount of paperwork up to date and be able to find it quickly."

    Derk Dobbelaere
    Derk Dobbelaere Managing Director of DFZ Estate Management

“As a property management company, it’s important for us to keep all our paperwork up to date: leases, deeds, plans, invoices, energy performance certificates, photos of buildings, correspondence with owners and government officials, etc. – everything must be available quickly and easily to everyone involved in a project. Smartdoc makes all that possible. The people there have made our work easier and also more enjoyable. We were also struck by the fact that they really listened to our specific requirements and didn’t just offer us some off-the-shelf solution. What’s more, each individual employee embraces the same philosophy, helping you achieve your goals and enthusiastically seeking innovative solutions. We’re now making specific plans to get even more out of our collaboration by looking at the system of workflows and templates.”

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