Drukkerij Bredero


Since more than 20 years “Drukkerij Bredero” stands for quality prints & offset. The three brothers Frans, Filip & Lieven Quartier joined forces in 1990 and started their own Printing Office with the take-over of “Drukkerij Van den Hende”. Bredero is specialized in prepress, printing and commercialization and is an established name in Flanders & Belgium.

As many other small & medium businesses “Drukkerij Bredero” was facing some challenges with the handling of their documents. Keeping the archive up to date, retrieving documents and finding duplicates became a time and money consuming task.

  • "SMARTdoc makes our administrative people save about 5 hours a week each."

    Frans Quartier Drukkerij Bredero - Chairman

SMARTdoc offers value for money, it is a complete solution affordable to any small organization. After a successful implementation the 4 administrative people at Bredero saw their “document handling time” reduced with over twenty (20!) hours a week.

Twenty hours that are now better spend handling new business opportunities, maintaining their high levels of customer satisfaction and speeding up their business.

SMARTdoc offered real value to Bredero, with a proven return on investment for the customer.

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