Vuylsteke, Ruwbouwoplossingen

Vuylsteke is active in Flanders in a wide range of construction activities. As a class 8 construction company, they have built an extremely strong reputation through the combination of great technical know-how and continuous pursuit of quality.

In the construction industry, sometimes there seems to be as much paperwork as concrete and steel. Every construction site generates masses of documents: reports, pictures, e-mails, invoices, calculations, etc. Managing all these documents is very complex and time-consuming. Converting them into a digital format makes the job a lot easier, which is why Vuylsteke Aanneming from Meulebeke turned to SMARTdoc.


Piceu used the configurable templates in the SMARTdoc software to design several processes for managing the documents, focusing on efficiency and traceability. Discipline seems to be the hardest part when it comes to document management. “Unfortunately, not everybody followed these procedures correctly. Some people insisted on doing things the way they were used to, but now the system simply won’t allow that. Make no mistake about it, a lot of change management goes into convincing people to do things properly. Luckily, the tool is fairly simple to use – so at least that’s no excuse.” For Piceu, the advantage of using SMARTdoc lies not so much in the time savings, but in the assurance that users will find all relevant documents easily and efficiently when necessary. Moreover, there is a cost-saving effect. When a project is finished, all the documents are there to prove that the work was done as agreed in the contract. Which means no more endless discussions, often only resolved by giving the customer a discount.

  • "SMARTdoc shows a lot of flexibility, which you don‘t always have when working with larger companies."

    Peter Piceu
    Peter Piceu Vuylsteke Aanneming


Piceu is very happy with the way SMARTdoc has helped them achieve flexibility. “When there is an update of the software, we often notice changes that address problems or requests we asked them to look at. They react very quickly and show a lot of flexibility, which you don’t always have when working with larger software companies,” Piceu concludes.

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