Franki Foundations

It offers so much more than just digitization

“For the past few years we’d been using a tool to process our invoices electronically, but we also have a huge archive of technical documents,” says Peter Larosse, Process Analysis & Purchase Manager at Franki Foundations. A subsidiary of the BESIX Group, the company specializes in providing foundation solutions and is the market leader in Belgium. “As a result of refurbishment work in our offices, the space available for our archives was halved. So we had to find a solution to digitize our old files. We had actually already opted for another platform, but it turned out to be too complicated for the users and was very labour-intensive to implement.When I saw the Smartdoc demo, my immediate response was ‘eureka!’

  • "We can still go much further with this system - the possibilities are endless."

    Peter Larosse
    Peter Larosse Process Analysis & Purchase Manager at Franki Foundations

“The soil surveys in the old files are particularly important to us, because we often need those when planning new projects. That’s why I wanted to efficiently digitize them, but also tag them with metadata so as to be able to retrieve them quickly and easily. A few of our people set to work using predefined templates and we’ve now stored around 3,500 surveys. After the short training session, everyone got the hang of the system no problem. From now on, each new file will immediately be digitized in its entirety. Meanwhile, we’re also exploring other uses. For instance, we’re working out routings to handle registered post. I realize we can still go much further; it’s now up to us to move forward, step by step.”

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