“Tracking down paperwork is not just time consuming. It’s deadly dull, too,” according to Caroline de Schipper, Managing Director of LivWise. This exclusive importer of designer kitchenware by well-known and less familiar brand names sells, for instance, Chroma type 301 knives designed by F.A. Porsche, Jamie Oliver kitchen tools, Typhoon and Sistema products and its very own LivWise range in department stores, garden centers and specialized kitchen shops. “Now that we’re working with SMARTdoc, every document is immediately to hand. “No more paperwork lying around, so our desks always look immaculately tidy.”

  • "The area that used to be reserved for our archives has now been converted into a photo studio."

    Caroline de Schipper
    Caroline de Schipper Managing Director of Point-Virgule

“The area that used to be reserved for our archives has now been converted into a photo studio, which is handy for taking shots of our products. I’ve been getting some positive feedback from our employees – they’re delighted not to have to walk to the archives all the time! Now that everything’s compatible with our Sage-DBFACT ERP program, any document relating to our customers or suppliers is just a mouse-click away. The fact that everyone can find any information whenever they want, using their own preferred search method, is a major plus point. A container number, for instance, is always unique and is quoted on all transport-related documents. So anyone who uses a container number as a search criterion can immediately retrieve all the relevant paperwork. Tracking used to be a boring, time-consuming exercise, but now it’s child’s play.”

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