ORA Liften



For the proper execution of its technical work ORA Liften used files consisting of various documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes, maintenance and troubleshooting documents, inspection reports, quality control, schedules / plans / drawings, correspondence and other related documents; both for new installations and for maintenance work on existing installations. These documents were kept in ‘classical’ binders in an archive room. Searching for documents was not only time consuming, but often files and/or documents were misplaced. ORA Liften also wished to use their archive space for other purposes.

ORA Liften


After a Smartdoc demo ORA Liften found the solution to their problems. Both new and old files are digitized in Smartdoc today. Based on the recognition of the documents and additional index fields (customer number, contract number, …) documents are now available in a quick and easy way for all service personnel. This way, ORA Liften improved its services to their customers and made sure that they are ready for the future.

Implemented by Mobile Access

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