Verbeeck Packaging Group

“We work all over Europe with an enormous number of different suppliers for many different types of customers,” says Marc Verbeeck, Managing Partner at the Verbeeck Packaging Group, which specializes in supplying pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging. “For us, an effective document management system is vital if we are to work efficiently. When the Smartdoc solution was presented to us here a couple of years ago, I just loved it, because it was something I’d been dreaming of for 30 years.

  • "Our ultimate goal is a paperless working environment. The Smartdoc people are actively working with us to find the right solutions."

    Marc Verbeeck
    Marc Verbeeck Managing Partner at the Verbeeck Packaging Group

“Documents such as suppliers’ quotes and certificates for customers in the food industry – and there are a great many of them – are now archived really easily. We never have to look for duplicate copies any more. The amount of time saved is considerable. The fact that incoming invoices are immediately compatible with our Sage-DBFACT accounting software is another huge plus for us. One last thing I particularly appreciate is the way we work together: the Smartdoc people really listen to us and take our input into consideration in their future technical product development. Over the next few years we’ll definitely continue to work with them to achieve a completely paperless working environment.”

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