Wij Helpen


“Wij Helpen” from Waregem is, as social secretariat, active in one of the most document-intensive sectors. Every month, thousands of payslips, performance reports, sick notes … are handled by an enthusiastic team of employees. In this sector the number of documents expands each year.

Bruno Lahousse, director at “Wij Helpen”, likes to look forward and wanted to reduce the massive multiplication of documents. In his search for a reliable partner he came across Smartdoc.

From day one, there was a click. The Smartdoc solution that was built with the user in mind instantly gave us much confidence. We were not looking for ‘another’ application. We really wanted a tool that was easy to use in the first place. The no-nonsense approach of both the commercial team and the project team offered a real added value. Not only to convince our employees, but also to silently deploy the solution into the company.

“Wij Helpen” is a member of the group Serviam+, which manages social secretariats in Belgium.

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