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Did you know more and more organisations manage their emails with Smartdoc? And they have multiple reasons to do so.

First of all, a lot of mail received and sent by employees includes business information, legal obligations, commitments and so on. This means that the outlook boxes are a vital source of information for any organization.

Importing mails in the Smartdoc archive can integrate your mail traffic with your archive.

  • Automate the archiving of sent and received emails.
  • Automate the indexing of email traffic.
  • Add security to mails and decide who can see them.
  • Add lifecycle management to emails and log who read, printed or opened them.
  • Avoid duplicates in the archive.
  • Don’t hold on to outlook or 0365 accounts from employees who left the organization.
  • Add workflows to emails.
  • Add CRM or ERP identifiers to emails and/or attachments
  • Automate finance and other emailboxes to integrate with workflow and/or ERP or CRM applications.
  • Add contact and company names with indexs from sources such as CRM applications and address books
  • Search through emails and attachments on full text, periods, dates, indexes or any combination.
  • Create a GDPR compliant and risk free archive which integrates with other applications.

Smartdoc can easily set up an automated email archiving within your organization. More info?

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