Xtandit bundelt krachten met Smartdoc voor eenvoudig digitaal documentbeheer

Xtandit is verheugd u te vertellen dat hun portfolio is uitgebreid met de digitale documentbeheertool Smartdoc! Dit partnership biedt Xtandit nieuwe kansen binnen verschillende marktsegmenten. Al meer dan 15 jaar helpt Xtandit met DMS-oplossingen. De implementatie van een nieuw document managementssysteem (DMS) binnen een organisatie vergt meestal een investering vooraf. Daarnaast duurt het vaak even voordat nieuwe oplossingen […]

Introducing Smartdoc and Awingu

Awingu and Smartdoc have decided to setup a technology and commercial partnership. Through their partnership, Smartdoc’s document management platform can now be accessed via the browser of any device, while being integrated in the unified and online workspace of Awingu. At the dawn of the Global Data Protection Regulation (or just GDPR), it’s key for […]

Kris Blommaert joins Smartdoc

Smartdoc is proud to announce that Kris Blommaert has joined the company as chief financial officer (CFO) and partner.  He will be responsible for our worldwide financial initiatives and management. Kris has extensive experience in the full range of financial management responsibilities including accounting and financial management, business planning and analysis, growth strategy development, M&A, […]

Fall 2015

Finally here, the new Smartdoc Fall is ready! This time we’re again adding something completely new. Treeview is a new window that lets you visualize your documents in a new way. Together with some new features we added in the past months and improvements to the back-end to let Smartdoc run even more smoothly, we […]

Win a Complete Document Make-Over

BOCA PAINT is the winner of the Complete Document Make-Over Congratulations to Boca-Paint! Soon they’ll have a very simple document management solution to manage all their documents without worries. Boca-Paint is a paint and decoration shop with excellent service and advice, shops are located in Roeselare, Bruges, Ypres and Oudenaarde. This fantastic solution was made possible together with What is included in […]

Fall 2013

With the start of the new season we are eager to present you our new Smartdoc Fall 2013 release. As we do with every update, we made your documanagement solution easier to use and added some great new functionalities. Most you will discover yourself while using Smartdoc, but we present you already 3 new features: […]

Summer 2013

Smartdoc Summer 2013 is out! Starting now, it’s possible to upgrade your Smartdoc installation to Smartdoc Summer 2013. If you are already on Smartdoc Spring 2013 this will happen automatically. (If you’re still on an older version, send a mail to support@smartdoc.eu) As always, we offer some extra new and exciting features in our new […]

Spring 2013

Dear Smartdoc user, Spring is in the air. We had to wait for a while for some warm predictions, and finally spring is on its way! This means it’s time to release a new version of our refreshing documanagement solution. Here are a few reasons why you should make the switch to this version: Recognize […]