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How to store & search documents.

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Smartdoc made it easier than ever to store documents. By dragging and dropping them on the two icon user interface. By using the outlook or office plugin. By automated delivery from ERP or other applications. And by an easy integration with any scanner or multifunctional equipment.

Smartdoc takes this to the next level. If you think searching for information in google was easy (Who remembers Google Desktop Search?) than you certainly should have a look at this.


Tree structures are bad news. But the solution is simple.

Tree structures are bad news for a multiple number of reasons. First they follow a certain path. Chronologically and than alphabetically or vice versa. The way the tree was structured is rarely the way you want your search results visualized.

Secondly, an ideal tree structure only has 3 levels, but when the amount of information we receive increases every year with 30 to 40%, that is hardly sustainable with such a limited number of partitions.

Thirdly, when information needs to be attached to different projects, responsable persons or objects, the traditional tree structure really starts to fail. Any new update or version could be stored pretty much anywhere. And chances are, you will never find it.

Smartdoc launches a new flexible way to list search results.

Whether you want to visualize the HR documents by person or department (or both), anually or chronologically, it all becomes possible. If you want to look at the latest month of payed invoices, or all the credit notes from a supplier, it’s just a mouseclick away. The last 2 weeks of outgoing offers, 400 page contracts that somewhere contain the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or a reference that was in the attachment of a long forgotten email… Smartdoc will get you any list you want.

The fastest way to find any document.

Do you want to know how this works? Starting today you can register for our webinar. The new search interface is an automatic upgrade for all Smartdoc customers and is part of the Smartdoc Spring 2019 release.

Webinar. March 13th. Register here.



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