Throughout your entire organization DBFACT plays a crucial role in the administration. Whether it comes to purchasing, sales, logistics, marketing, … DBFact has tools for every department and every step during the administrative process. DBFACT departs from the commercial management accounting which is a logical consequence of the daily use of the software.

Since 1996 TML commercializes their package DBFACT on the Belgian market. First modest, through its own established sales team, then later, when more and more IT resellers discovered the power and functionality within DBFACT, also through a number of partners. Since March 1, TML and DBFACT are 100% part of the Sage Group.

Noordkustlaan, 16C
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

+32 2 721 18 30

Contact: Alex Dossche

Desk Solutions

Entrepreneurs who understand software and your industry. They also know exactly how to support and improve it. Desk Solutions offers packages such as FiadPro, Socio Pack and SAP Business One. These packages can all be connected with our document management solution SMARTdoc.

Desk Solutions NV
Kortrijksesteenweg 307
8530 Harelbeke

+32 56 760 900

Contact: Eddy Dobbelaere

Synaptiq – 3E

The SynaptiQ software from 3E manages over 250.000 solar and wind energy devices at over 3000 sites, generating over 2 GWp of connected solar capacity and 7GW of connected wind capacity. SynaptiQ focusses on 3 elements: higher availability, lower maintenance costs and (!) less time spent on admin.

It’s with a clear focus on the third point that the SMARTdoc collaboration with SynaptiQ was born. SMARTdoc’s focus is to create a central repository around all documents within an organization, whether they are scanned, come from the internal applications (such as SynaptiQ or other) or are user created (email, xls, photo’s). The goal of SMARTdoc is to reduce the time spend on administration, to limit the risks around information loss and data protection and to create a comfortable search and archive functionality that all user can and will use. A clear and easy link between documents and data, between information and applications can reduce the time spent on searching for information drastically.


PM Studio

PM Studio is a project management solution for everyone doing projects in real world. It is for project managers, project leaders, team managers and all others who are involved in a project. Even when you are not a full-time project responsible, but you are just dealing with projects on an ad-hoc basis, PM Studio will provide you with the necessary information and tools to get your project done successfully.

The PM Studio Platform interacts with the SMARTdoc platform. Your valuable project documentation is in safe hands and it is easily retrievable, assuring that everyone will work with the latest document versions.

PM Studio
Hingenesteenweg 123
2880 Bornem

Contact: Dirk Huyers

Meridian IT

Meridian IT is actively engaged in advising, supplying and implementing SAP Business One enterprise software.

The Business Consultants from Meridian IT and its suppliers guarantee to deliver effective solutions that contribute to cost-and time-saving business processes for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Meridian IT
François Haverschmidtwei 2
8914 BC Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

+31 58 253 4220

Contact: Pierre Krol


Many large companies manage and control their organisation with SAP ERP. They often implement SAP® Business One in their branches. Vigor is SAP preferred subsidiary roll-out partner in Belgium.

Vigor NV
Satenrozen 10
2550 Kontich

+32 3 844 91 06