Privacy Policy

Smartdoc can keep your contact details in order to inform you about product updates, upgrades, news, promotions.

Smartdoc can store your server and login credentials to intervene in case of technical difficulties or when you start a ticket on our helpdesk, or to follow up on an existing ticket.

Data we process when you contact Smartdoc

  • When you subscribe for our newsletter, we store information like your company, name, email, address and telephone number.
  • When you log a ticket we can take over your server or user desktops. It’s possible that we process or see your (archived) documents and processes. Sometimes we run queries or copy logs for future reference. Also email discussions, tests and any other type of file can be archived in our ticketing systems. All this information is treated with the highest confidentiality. Any existing or former Smartdoc customer has the right to ask for a list of information we keep and can ask us to change or delete this information, if legally possible.
  • Smartdoc shares information with external providers such as Mailchimp (Mailings, newletters), GoToWebinar (for events, webinars, online meetings), Skype (phonecalls, meetings), Zendesk (for technical issues and service tickets) and Teamleader (as our CRM Tool).
  • Our website has a tracking tool that allows us to see the location and IP address of visitors. These trackers belong to Statcounter; Lead Forensics & Google Analytics.

All data is treated confidentially and is not shared with any commercial partners.