Ready for Smartdoc Winter 2019?

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With Smartdoc Winter 2019, we are launching the most performant and easy to use document management solution available on the market. Smartdoc Winter 2019 is scalable, dynamic, offers great previews and has an incredible performance. A refreshing documanagement solution that is fast to set up and effortless to integrate with any ERP, CRM or any other application.

One single day of implementing Smartdoc and we were far ahead of what we accomplished after four years with our former solution. (Erwin – O.)

The new Winter 2019 release offers a faster performance on every level.

Our old solution took 30 seconds to load and present a customer dropdown. Smartdoc does this within a fraction of a second. (Peter – A.)

A further integration with the Microsoft Azure Cloud offers multiple new innovating features, our OCR as a cloud service outperforms any other on premise OCR solution.

We started 2 weeks ago with implementing Smartdoc in our first departement. Next week we already start the second phase. (Rudi – S.)

In a few weeks time we will also launch Smartdoc Flowfin, an automated invoice recognition tool compatible with most ERP solutions (Dx, Exact, SAP…) offering UBL creation in combination with workflow and legal archiving of any financial document.

How is it possble that a small Belgian company offers all those features we lack in our current solution? (Gunter – M.)

The new improved Smartdoc XView is now standard. If you prefer the old view, you can still choose.

And last but not least, the Smartdoc Mobile User is included in any Smartdoc Connect license. A new standard feature offering your documents on any device, anywhere!

The investment in Smartdoc is irrelevant taking into account the return on investment. Smartdoc was an essential part of the 50% growth we realised over the last 4 years. (Bruno – W.)

If you wish more info on saving time and money with a unique and simple document management solution within your organization, give us a call (+32 54 51 52 54) or use the contact page.

This is a cool tool! (Eduard – E.)

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