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Smartdoc FlowFin, for your financial flows.

Smartdoc makes automatic invoice recognition, accessible for every organization. At a low fixed cost per month. Including integration with accounting package, approval flow and legal archiving under the financial legislation.

This webinar gives an overview of how it works and how you can benefit from this solution. You can always contact us for more information.

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More than 10.000 people use Smartdoc to manage their documents.

  • "As a property management company, you have to keep a massive amount of paperwork up to date and be able to find it quickly."

    Derk Dobbelaere
    Derk Dobbelaere Managing Director of DFZ Estate Management
  • "Smartdoc is an awesome tool!"

    Eduard Saris
    Eduard Saris Eduard Trailers
  • "Smartdoc helpt ons onze ecologische voetafdruk te verkleinen. We kiezen er resoluut voor om de digitale weg in slaan en ons papiergebruik drastisch te verminderen."

    Robbert Desmet
    Robbert Desmet Woodstoxx
  • “Before we used Smartdoc, we always had to search for documents in our paper archive. Now we can simply find the information entering a search query in Smartdoc.“

    Bob Segaert Adirack
  • "We can still go much further with this system - the possibilities are endless."

    Peter Larosse
    Peter Larosse Process Analysis & Purchase Manager at Franki Foundations
  • "It is a pleasure to find everything quickly."

    Roy Habraken
    Roy Habraken Van Cranenbroek
Smartdoc Expert Day

Smartdoc Expert Day – Thursday September 21th

We let our partners and customers get together to let them share experiences and ideas. The day is filled with different speakers who will show you short and practical info for working with documents and Smartdoc.

08h30-09h15 Coffee and Welcome
09h15-09h40 Update: Features and functions Tom Pintens
09h40-10h00 CAR, CR and Tests: How do we handle change requests and corrective action requests Jaak Neyns
10h00-10h20 Introduction to Smartdoc Webservice/Document Actions/Business Rules Christophe Vanderhaeghen
10h00-12h30 Customer Cases/Best Practices
12h30-14h00 Lunch & Networking
14h00-15h00 General Data Protection Regulation Nicolas Delcroix
15h15-15h30 Customer Cases
15h00-16h00 What are we creating for you as we speak? Jaak Neyns
16h00-16h30 Questions and Answers Tom Pintens
16h30-17h30 Drinks

We are fully booked!! 

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