Smartdoc & Anrova join forces and launch an ultra-performant document integration solution for SAP Business One customers.

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Together with Anrova, Smartdoc recently developed a high-performance interface that ensures that SAP Business One customers can effortlessly integrate and apply a document management dashboard in their ERP environment.  Smartdoc will offer this new interface to existing and new SAP Business One users.  


As an authorized SAP Business One partner, Anrova implements innovative and tailor-made solutions for SMEs in various fields.  Companies that provide complex production, logistics and storage services need to keep a detailed overview of all their information flows.  The extensive modular SAP Business One package is an excellent solution. Thanks to the partnership with Smartdoc, Anrova now also offers a Smartdoc interface that extends the standard functionality of SAP Business One with functions to support the company’s administrative processes.

Smart document automation

Smartdoc is an intelligent platform that processes very quickly all kinds of documents on different carriers and makes them available within the different parts of the company.
The patented tag and search methodology ensures that this very secure document automation system works openly and flexibly.

“We were already sporadically active at SAP customers with some smaller integrations tailored to the customer.  But together with Anrova we pull out all the stops. Not only can we now offer a standard document integration to all SAP Business One customers, the framework is also adaptable to the needs of any type of organisation.  From now on, we can offer every SAP Business One customer time and efficiency gains that we could only dream of in the past.” – Tom Pintens, CEO Smartdoc

Fully customized

The interface is fully customizable. This allows you to quickly and easily determine which fields need to be checked/validated with a guarantee of the correctness for the operations.
Also, this interface provides feedback of required information to Smartdoc for further administrative and financial processing.  Making the information available in both Smartdoc and SAP Business One where needed.

Partners with an eye for the future

Anrova is a Belgian company that offers ERP software solutions for the support and centralisation of all business processes.  The SAP Business One software solution integrates working business functions for the entire company, including financial management, purchasing, sales, distribution, customer service management (CRM), inventory management, production, project management and field service.

Smartdoc is a Belgian specialist in document management and automation with over 300 customers in 8 different countries.  The document management and automation solutions are used in small and larger organizations within departments such as HR, contracting, finance, project management & others. Smartdoc focuses on integrations with other solutions such as SAP Business One.

Contact : Tom Pintens, CEO Smartdoc,, 

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