SMARTdoc as a document tracking system.

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An archive can contain millions of documents, all text searchable. It can be tempting to search for past relatives, neighbours or just the leasing contract of your CEO’s brand new Porsche Taycan.

Securing documents against unwanted eyes can be a task on its own, and creating a security level for every individual employee might not seem very pragmatic.

This is where a system for document tracking comes to the rescue.


As you can store pretty much any file into the document archive, the database features give you also the possibility to gather more knowledge on what has happened with these documents. Were they consulted, printed or mailed? Did anybody alter or update them or maybe someone added remarks.


The document archive SMARTdoc proposes offers much more then just document management & automation. Not only the workflow management is linked to an extensive track and trace mechanism, also every action on the document itself is stored into the solution. This means that you can get an insight on every view on the documents in the archive.

The view to the document log is only available to the authorized team members.


If you want to know more about Document Tracking have a look at our webinar overview.

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