What is SMARTdoc?

SMARTdoc is a complete, painless and affordable documanagement solution, scalable from a single user desktop utility, up to an enterprise wide framework, all based upon one simple user experience.

SMARTdoc is a very intuitive and easy-to-use document management solution, a tool developed with user friendliness in mind. Many other systems require different sequential operations to successfully archive documents. In SMARTdoc a simple drag-and-drop operation will do the trick.

The search module allows the user to quickly access documents. A search based on one or multiple keywords, a part of a file name, a content fragment or the archive date are just a few of the possibilities.


Our customers tell us that their employees save an hour a day with SMARTdoc. A Paperless office makes that printer do not need to be filled with toner or paper anymore. SMARTdoc takes over the interpretation and categorization of documents. It makes that information is automatically secured and sent to the responsible person. But more important…. That everyone can find what they seek immediately. In the blink of an eye.

  • Power search
  • Flexible search
  • Easy retrieval
  • Automatic recognition
  • Improved security
  • Automated procedures
  • Installed in an hour, trained in a day, implemented within a week


Data protection is becoming a big thing and involves many risks. SMARTdoc creates a centralized repository for all documents, which can be easily secured. It’s no secret that The SMARTdoc software is used by insurance companies, HR, payroll & legal departments, notaries and police zones. SMARTdoc does it all: secure your information, log what happened with it and creates document lifecycle processes.

  • Centralized archive
  • Legal archive
  • Maximum security
  • Audit-proof
  • Intellectual capital
  • Sensitive documents
  • Used by auditors, insurance companies, social secretaries, police districts, legal departments


Sometimes you do not just want “yet another” solution. Many company applications are hardly used because the users do not see their advantage at all. SMARTdoc has created a user interface that is so easy that user adaptation is really high and everyone can look the way the want through the archive. A bit like your own little search engine.

  • Easy retrieval
  • Improved workflow
  • Limited learning curve
  • Fast user-adaptation
  • Better internal communication
  • Effective customer-service
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Centralized source of information

User subscriptions

SMARTdoc Go | € 50/month

  • Drag-and-drop archiving – archiving only takes a few seconds
  • Batch archiving – archive multiple documents at once
  • Document preview – a preview is available for supported formats when adding or searching documents
  • Add index(es) – Copy/paste index from preview or manually add index(es)
  • Automatic index fetching – add information based on pre-defined templates
  • Automatic index fetching based on calculations – add calculation results based on pre-defined templates
  • Simple or advanced search – based on keywords, archive date, document type, filename, …
  • Restore documents to several locations – export to desktop, my documents folder, specific location, …
  • Perform tasks from within the archive – mail or print documents directly from SMARTdoc

SMARTdoc Flex | € 70/month

  • SMARTdoc Flex has all the same features as SMARTdoc Go
  • Templater – create XML templates for workflows, export, security, automatic recognition and more
  • Workflows – create different workflows based on templates
  • Export – export (your documents with) additional information for external use
  • Security – define different access rights for users
  • SMARTdoc Split – automatically split and/or rename (scanned) pdf documents
  • SMARTdoc Layer – write or draw extra information on documents without modifying the original document
  • SMARTdoc Office Connector – Microsoft Office integration

SMARTdoc Connect | € 100/month

  • SMARTdoc Connect has all the same features as SMARTdoc Flex
  • SMARTdoc Webservice

SMARTdoc Toolbox

SMARTdoc Webservice | € 30/month

SMARTdoc Webservice is designed for developers, engineers, or anyone else who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrations. If you think you may need some help integrating with the SMARTdoc Webservice connect with one of our experts to help develop a custom tool for you.

SMARTdoc Versioning | € 10/month

Create new versions of documents. When SMARTdoc Versioning is used, earlier versions of documents are retrievable, and document history is retained because metadata that accompany each iteration of a document are saved.

SMARTdoc Database service | € 5/month

It makes perfect sense to store the structured document metadata like the author, location, keywords, document type, and file size directly in the database, for querying purposes, but the physical file itself is just taking up room until someone goes to download it. So the option to move files outside of the database and back into the file system, where they have traditionally resided, is possible. When you enable the SMARTdoc Database service, all documents that would normally be stored in the database internally are stored on the file system.

SMARTdoc Connect Add ons

SMARTdoc SharePoint Search

With the SMARTdoc SharePoint Search module it is easier to integrate SMARTdoc in your existing environment. SMARTdoc documents can now be searched from within Microsoft® SharePoint® and thus gives you the advantage of using the powerful archiving possibilities that come with SMARTdoc.

SMARTdoc OCR | € 100/month

The SMARTdoc OCR module adds cognitive services to upgrade all documents in your archive to searchable and readable information. An algorithm in the SMARTdoc database searches for any non searchable items. These are send to an integrated service in the cloud and enriches the documents with keywords, personal or company information, and other relevant data. And because the service is 100% cloud based, it is not only fast as lightning, but it doesn’t use any performance from your own servers.

20.000 pages/month included

SMARTdoc Cloud Backup | from € 100/month (annual plan)

SMARTdoc Backup guarantees a fully automated backup of your documents. Worry Free!

  • Fully automatic
  • At night, when you are sound asleep
  • Eliminate additional backup-related hardware costs
  • Monitoring and backup check included
  • Guaranteed safety for your important data
  • Daily backups, go 365 days back in time
  • Limit the risk of ransom software, hardware failure, fire or water damage
  • Fast and easy

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