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One efficient, productive, secure place for your documents.

SMARTdoc is a complete, painless and affordable document management solution, all based upon one simple user experience.

Our goal is to give you a very intuitive and easy-to-use document management solution, a tool developed with user friendliness in mind. Many other systems require different sequential operations to successfully archive documents. In SMARTdoc most of the time a simple drag-and-drop operation will do the trick.

A simple, but advanced, search option allows the user to quickly access documents. A search based on one or multiple keywords, a part of a file name, a content fragment or the archive date are just a few of the possibilities.

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And there is more...

document recognition

We analyze source and document content and send the document to the correct category, user or process. Document recognition can work on scans, digital documents, photos, mails, documents created by the ERP/CRM/… applications.

index fetching

Indexes can be added manually or can be fetched out of a document. SMARTdoc can auto-complete index fields and incorrect indexing can create validation errors in the solution. All indexes can be updated, changed or completed within the SMARTdoc solution itself or integrated with any other application.

procure to pay

Recognize invoices and send the payment information to the accountancy application. This can be done with or without a workflow and in xml and csv form or through a webservice connection.

workflow automation

SMARTdoc allows to create document workflows for any kind of document. We can work with multiple approvers and integrate status changes with other applications such as ERP, CRM, Asset Management tools and more.

BPM – Business Process Management

Companies working in different time zones or locations can benefit from automated workflows that are easy to set up. Most optimizations have an enormous impact on cost cutting and revenue generation.

lifecycle management

SMARTdoc allows to set up life cycle management for any kind of document to comply with GDPR regulations. Archiving dates are automatically retrieved and can be connected with an expiration date, a period, an archive destination and a sensitivity. 

document tracking

SMARTdoc tracks and logs every action on any document. This way, the administrator can always have a complete overview of all actions in the database. Document tracking is an essential part of any GDPR implementation.

document actions

Document Actions is a feature in SMARTdoc to automate recurrent actions. Document Actions can be configured to eliminate manual interventions and to automate time consuming actions.

version management

SMARTdoc allows to create new versions of any document, has easy check in and check out procedures and allows to have a clear view on the document history.

SMARTdoc Layer

Make searchable annotations on any kind of document, without changing the legal status.

Office integration

SMARTdoc integrates with word, xls or powerpoint. Easy plugins allow to archive directly. These plugins can be combined with Document Recognition, Workflow automation…

mass migration

SMARTdoc allows to migrate documents from any previous archive without losing additional data. We can even enrich the documents with more information if needed. All data stored in file structures, databases, SharePoint… can be added or combined.


SMARTdoc allows to make any document searchable on content. Every photo, scan, email attachment… can be made searchable with our cognitive cloud service performing a state of the art OCR service.

document integrity

Maintaining the integrity of a document is vital for legal reasons. SMARTdoc uses a complex algorithm to create an unique key for any archived document. Any change in the document content or the original metadata of the document can be prohibited or tracked.

business rules

SMARTdoc allows to create business rules in the application. Different database fields can be compared and create validation errors, start workflows or automate processes. The setup can be created within the SMARTdoc database itself or can compare different fields with different databases.


Save money by simplifying and automating your document workflows.

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First 5 Users (User/month) € 50,00 € 70,00 € 100,00
Additional Users (User/Month) € 40,00 € 56,00 € 80,00
From 25 Users Contact us for a personalised quote
Drag & drop archiving
Full-text search
Simple and extended search
All file types
Document Track & Trace
Export Data
Xml Connectivity / Automations
Create Recognition Templates
Create Security Templates
Create Workflows Templates
Create Tasks
Document Protection
Create Drop Downs
Synchronize & Auto Complete
Ms Office Plugin & Integration
MS Outlook Plugin & Automation
MS Outlook Send & Archive
SMARTdoc Layer Write or draw extra information on documents without modifying the original document.
SMARTdoc Split Automatically split and/or rename (scanned) pdf documents.
SMARTdoc Versions Keep multiple versions of a document.
Mobile App € 10/user/month
Teamviewer Integration
API & Webservices
Bidirectional Integration
Document Actions
Business Rules
EBOX Integration
SMARTdoc FlowFin Automatically recognize invoices. Unlimited documents. Datasheet
€ 150/user/month € 150/user/month
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