Document Automation


Recurrent Document tasks can be automated by combining Document Recognition with automated workflows. Document Automation means that documents can be processed 50 times faster than with conventional document management solutions.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Companies working in different time zones or locations can benefit from automated workflows that are easy to set up. Most optimizations have an enormous impact on cost cutting and revenue generation.

Document Actions

Document Actions is a feature in SMARTdoc to automate recurrent actions. Document Actions can be configured to eliminate manual interventions and to automate time consuming actions.


SMARTdoc allows to make any document searchable on content. Every photo, scan, email attachment… can be made searchable with our cognitive cloud service performing a state of the art OCR service.

Business Rules

SMARTdoc allows to create business rules in the application. Different database fields can be compared and create validation errors, start workflows or automate processes. The setup can be created within the SMARTdoc database itself or can compare different fields with different databases.

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