Document Management

Document Recognition

We analyze source and document content and send the document to the correct category, user or process. Document recognition can work on scans, digital documents, photos, mails, documents created by the ERP/CRM/… applications.

Index Fetching

Indexes can be added manually or can be fetched out of a document. SMARTdoc can auto-complete index fields and incorrect indexing can create validation errors in the solution. All indexes can be updated, changed or completed within the SMARTdoc solution itself or integrated with any other application.

SMARTdoc Layer

Make searchable annotations on any kind of document, without changing the legal status.

Office Integration

SMARTdoc integrates with Word, Excel or Powerpoint. Easy plugins allow to archive directly. These plugins can be combined with Document Recognition, Workflow automation…

Mass Migration

SMARTdoc allows to migrate documents from any previous archive without losing additional data. We can even enrich the documents with more information if needed. All data stored in file structures, databases, SharePoint… can be added or combined.

Lifecycle Management

SMARTdoc allows to set up lifecycle management for any kind of document to comply with GDPR regulations. Archiving dates are automatically retrieved and can be connected with an expiration date, a period, an archive destination and a sensitivity.

Renames Files Automatically

All documents can get renamed automatically. This makes that file names are much easier to recognize in search results.

Full Text Search

SMARTdoc makes sure that any file is completely searchable. Our algorhytms search for any old and forgotten file, or photo attachment to a file and makes it searchable. So you can be 100% sure that you will find anything back, even if your archive contains millions of documents.

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