Legal Archiving, Governance, Risk & Compliancy (GRC), GDPR

Version Management

Smartdoc allows to create new versions of any document, has easy check in and check out procedures and allows to have a clear view on the document history.

Smartdoc OCR

Smartdoc allows to make any document searchable on content. Every photo, scan, email attachment… can be made searchable with our cognitive cloud service performing a state of the art OCR service.

Document Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of a document is vital for legal reasons. Smartdoc uses a complex algorithm to create an unique key for any archived document. Any change in the document content or the original metadata of the document can be prohibited or tracked.

Lifecycle Management

Smartdoc allows to set up lifecycle management for any kind of document to comply with GDPR regulations. Archiving dates are automatically retrieved and can be connected with an expiration date, a period, an archive destination and a sensitivity.

Document Tracking

Smartdoc tracks and logs every action on any document. This way, the administrator can always have a complete overview of all actions in the database. Document tracking is an essential part of any GDPR implementation.

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